Three Generations Turning Steel into Art

Welcome to Stout's Metal Products!

Stout's Metal Products is in its third generation of ornamental fabrication. We pride our company on artistic craftsmanship.

We are a leading company in restoring historic fence, gates, and railing for many municipalities that want to keep history alive. This is a very delicate and precise venture, to refresh and restore our country's history for people today to be able to admire the craftsmanship of yesterday.

Our company welded all the pipe pilings which underwent x-ray and ultrasound testing for the home port of the BATTLESHIP NEW JERSEY. Over 200 pilings in all, ranging from 90 ft to l30 ft long, 16" to 18" in diameter. All of the welds were beveled welds done in accordance with AWS certification.

We have a State of New Jersey "Public Works Contractor Registration Certificate" issued by the Department of Labor for the various school and state projects for which we fabricate and install different types of railings, steel and aluminum. We are also certified x-ray and ultrasound welders.

Our jobs range from fabrication of ironwork for large hotels and warehouses, to the simplest job of welding the lawn mower of a senior citizen down the road.